The Community Finance Canvas: commoning in practice

How can we create alternatives to the current system that: 1. Protect  collective resources, both material and immaterial,  that require a lot of knowledge and know-how? 2. Develop social processes that foster and deepen thriving relationships? 3. Produces in, as Commoning expert Silke  Helfrich calls it, a Commons-Creating Peer Economy, or Commons-Oriented Economy? Commoning  is … Continue reading “The Community Finance Canvas: commoning in practice”

We are not running out of energy; capitalism is.

Most of the energy used in the world economy comes from non-renewable sources. Analysts fear that the expanding extraction of energy will not keep up with the expanding economy and …well… the the economy will deflate like a balloon and everyone will be worse off. Worst for the poor who have very little already. Or … Continue reading “We are not running out of energy; capitalism is.”