Imagestreaming – use it to check your understanding

Beachhead is an imagestreaming technique (See more here if you are unfamiliar with imagestreaming) that was designed to help people solve problems. The main question to be formulated goes something like “take me to a place that has solved the XXX problem and now exhibits XXXX”. Having experienced the solution, one variant of the technique … Continue reading “Imagestreaming – use it to check your understanding”


Training: innovating with Imagestreaming

Length: 0.5-4 days Purpose: teaches how to access and apply creativity using the technique of imagestreaming Why attend? Imagestreaming makes you tens of times more creative and effective. Find the best solutions fast! Main contents: After teaching the techniques delegates apply them to their own challenge  Includes: how to frame an innovation assignment as well … Continue reading “Training: innovating with Imagestreaming”

Chapter 7. Enter the continuum

The following excerpt comes from a novel in progress with the working title “Common man”. It’s about a journalist who sets out to come up with an alternative form of world governance. The book is a product of, and features,  imagestreaming, a technique of invention and creativity developed in the 80s by Dr. Win Wenger. … Continue reading “Chapter 7. Enter the continuum”

The sustainable future-a riveting read?

Whilst we are longing for the sustainable future we are flooded with visions fashioned from concrete and steel, albeit covered with green. In these visions people seem to be doing nothing and going nowhere. Can we conjure forth a vision so attractive, cool and magnetic it just pulls us into that future?

Circular city logistics

This article comes from the book “Inventing for the Sustainable Planet” a novel which asks the question “if you were to visit a city that was sustainable- what would it look like?” The novel about the city of Porena contains several far-reaching ideas including the idea of global design with local assembly. In this section … Continue reading “Circular city logistics”

Creative works: Common, not economic man

Just started to publish in blog format chapters from my new creative writing project with the code name Common, not Economic man. The book follows Max Wahlter, a journalist who decided to enter a competition asking for proposals for alternatives to the UN. Understanding that there is a tragedy of the commons but also a … Continue reading “Creative works: Common, not economic man”

A place where people earn money helping others recharge

At the Transition Town Hubs gathering in Santorso, Italy we were given a task to do on our own: How can we recharge together? I lay down in the green grass in the park, put my tape recorder on and did an imagestream. Imagestreaming; You just describe and dictate what you see.   The idea of … Continue reading “A place where people earn money helping others recharge”

What happens when you envision a sustainable city?

A long time ago – maybe around 2003 – I gave myself the task of envisioning what a sustainable place might look like. Instead of using conventional invention techniques I chose to use Imagestreaming. Imagestreaming is an instant-answer method that was invented by educationalist Wim Wenger based on his studies of past geniuses.

Inventing for the Sustainable Planet: The Novel

This  is no ordinary book. Max Wahlter, a journalist specializing in science and technology, decides to leave his failing career to make money from sustainable technology.  He comes across an innovation technique called Imagestreaming that unlocks the innovative power of the mind to make almost anyone a Leonardo daVinci,. Max proceeds to create a vision … Continue reading “Inventing for the Sustainable Planet: The Novel”