From sustainability as  climate challenge to resilience

Our understanding of what sustainability entails has expanded over the last 20 years: from climate warning, through eco-system services to depletion of energy supplies and beyond. From his perspective as former Managing Director and his background as Science teacher, Stephen connects the basics of sustainability with the business realities of today.

Carbon and Energy Briefings


What kind of challenges and opportunities do rising energy prices present? (Oil prices, for instance, were at $10 a barrel in 1999 and are now about $100)  Stephen has studied energy and energy prices, and blogged about it since 2002. From his experience as Ericsson Supply Division Program Manager and Managing Director of two Swedish Public Companies, Stephen is well positioned to present the energy challenge from a business viewpoint. Stephen often talks about the challenge of knowing when to act and how to act.

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Whist access to fossil fuels may be limited due to demand exceeding supply, fossil fuel burning will be restricted even more by legislation. Given that each country is entering a time of restricted carbon budgets, what should business leaders know? Stephen offers a range of briefings, from short “overview” briefings to comprehensive analysis for managers at different levels.

Introducing the Transition movement

Transition Towns started as a grass -roots movement in the UK town of Totnes to start to prepare locally for climate change, fossil fuel shortages and economic downturn. Realising that the changes in our way of living could be made to be part of positive future for humans, the idea of Transition rapidly became a world-wide movement. Stephen was one of the original group that worked to bring Transition to Sweden and is an active volunteer. Stephen has introduced Transition Towns to municipal and corporate leaders as an opportunity to engage at local level with positive actions for a sustainable society.