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Communities, municipalities, organisations, corporations even nations all have to transition eventually from fossil fuel dependency and environmental burdening to sustainability.

For us, sustainability has three dimensions:

Eco efficiency: This includes compliance with emissions regulations, using natural resources effectively and efficiently and being part of the circular economy

Resilience: Resilience includes having the capabilities to function even when challenged by external events like extreme weather, fuel shortages, economic downturns, etc.

Social good:  This comprises the arena where organisations and the community share common value. The more value an organisation can bring to society around it, the greater its sustainability.



The project approach is one of the most effective ways to organize change. Large initiatives can be made up of  several projects organised into a program.Program

The diagram above explains the approach.

Capability building projects: including vulnerabilty surveys, strategic analysis, eco-efficiency improvements, circular economic developments, awareness and training

Product and service development projects: new products, improved products

Marketing projects: including brand and relationship building, information campaigns to stakeholders.

Together, the development projects develop the underlying capital of the organisation thereby increasing its resilience and performance capability.

Some examples:

  • Social capital: organisational development, process improvement, new products
  • Human capital: awareness, knowledge and skills development
  • Built capital (infrastructure): new buildings, tools, IT systems etc
  • Natural capital: acquisition, restoration, eco-maturity development

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