2011-11-19 14.32.25
Workshop on Community Development at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Swedish Association of Eco-villages

Workshop in Gävle Library, Sweden with local people interested in the Transition Movement

Workshops are designed to engage the heart, hands and mind,  to  inform, teach and motivate.

Understanding the challenges

  • Fossil fuel and economic growth
  • Planetary boundaries
  • Strategies for Transition
  • Money and sustainability
  • The Water and Food security situation
  • Future scenarios and Risk management

Co-creating the future

  • The seven approaches to water and food security taught by Water and Food Award applicants
  • CSR 2:0 Water and Food security and the connection to peace and prosperity
  • The ecounit: the next generation of sustainable communities
  • Transition Training: seeing opportunities in energy intensity powerdown
  • Inner transition: what humanity really wants
  • The image streaming techniques of Innovation
  • The new tribe, social networking opens a new era of evolution
  • Community Finance