The Biomass Municipality

PICTOGRAM2Local authorities are tasked with managing the local society through the coming major energy transition from fossil fuel to renewables.

Together with our partners we provide a range of services to help local authorities manage the transition away from fossil dependence to the renewable energy, zero emissions society.  We offer a range of change management approaches as well as analysis instruments including:

  • The Common Good Municipal Matrix – an analysis instrument that gives stakeholders a view of the capability of the area or similar to embrace the transition. Read more.
  • The Municipal Services Matrix – provides a scorecard for resilience against performance. The services matrix helps planners, together with local stakeholders prioritise development work. Read more.

We have several years’ experience of developing services to municipalities and local authorities including:

We offer a range of training workshops and publications on the transition to the biomass circular economy as well as the development and project management of change programs.

For more information:

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