Ideas for a sustainable future

We need a radical change of direction.

My task is to present ideas on the edge. Some are my own, some are from others or inspired by others. My hope is that these ideas help you envisage the society you want to pivot to and you feel the courage to take the necessary steps. In your working life and in your private life.

  • Policy makers – market based instruments to bring about Environmental Fiscal Reform,
  • Investors – how and where to invest for sustainable impact,
  • Municipalities and communities -transition to the biomass economy,
  • Management teams – embrace the transition to the circular economy, renewable energy society.
Circular EconomyBathtub EconomicsUniversal Basic Income
The circular economy ensures we live, equitably, within the resource limits of the planet.Bathtub economics explains how we can shift to a real economy that performs to requirements.A guarantee on income will stabilise the economy and help it transition to circularity.
Invest in PeaceInventions for sustainabilityThe circular homestead
By investing in peace we can pivot to a world of peace and prosperity. The Business of Business is Peace.Based on the book “Inventing for the Sustainable Planet”We can come a long way to the climate friendly circular economy just by adapting our homes.

I assist with creating and implementing, often together with partners, programs with instruments of change. This work is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), other times Sustainable Development.

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New ideas about economics, the circular economy, sustainable inventions, UBI, Universal basic services, Basic Job Guarantee, carbon taxes, circle economy readiness, investing in real economy, why shares are speculation and counter-productive

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