Why us?

Stephen Hinton Consulting, with selected partner organisations, helps you transition to the circular economy.

We assist:

  • Municipalities and communities transition to the biomass economy,
  • Policy makers apply market based instruments to bring about Environmental Fiscal Reform,
  • Management teams embrace the transition to the circular economy, renewable energy society.


The Biomass Circular Economy


Environmental Fiscal Reform


Corporate Social Responsibility

We are going through a major transition – in energy from fossil fuel to renewables – and in society – from automation and big business to something we can only just discern on the horizon. I help leaders, together with management teams, to develop social and environmental strategies that help keep the place fit for humans whilst ensuring robust returns. I focus especially on organisations looking for strategic opportunities to give value  back to people and the living systems that surround them. (See how we work here.)

I assist with creating and implementing, often together with partners, programs with instruments of change. This work is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), other times Sustainable Development.

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