Workshop: Circle meeting techniques

Since humans started to sit around the campfire, the circle has been the natural way to meet. In the circle we are naturally equal and everyone’s voice is equally important. The circle is also the heart of something more powerful: a social technology that has helped people not only survive but also feel good and develop in equality and close contact; with themselves, nature and each other. Even under difficult conditions.

Many people today feel a concern about the development from a healthy culture to an unhealthy ditto – with exclusion, growing gaps, insecure economy. Some feel powerless.


  • 24 mars 2023 kl 18:00 – 26 mars 2023 kl 15:30
  • Kursgården Lindsberg, Lindsberg 10, 791 91 Falun, Sverige
  • Price: SEK 1580:- to 1780:- depending on accommodation required
  • Language: Swedish
  • BOOKING: Follow this link
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