Together with partners chosen specifically for the task, we ensure that management and strategy teams are briefed on the key social, economic and environmental factors in the organisation’s external environment. Key sustainability vulnerability factors and  key sustainability opportunities are identified and mapped against a variety of risk scenarios.

I believe we need to be action and change oriented  and work with the head, heart and hands of the organisation.  I help organisations develop instruments of change and programs to implement them:

  • Connecting  the organisation and its stakeholders with sustainability.
  • Connecting communities with sustainability and resilience.
  • Developing and trialling approaches to stimulate the local economy.
  • Using financial incentives and clean-tech to increase employment and make islands emission-free.
  • Innovation in sustainability workshops.
  • Re-thinking distribution and sales, harnessing the power of human resonance and social networks.
  • Designing truly sustainable settlements.
  • Alternative sources of capital for local investment.

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