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Webinar: live or replay Investing in Farmers, experiences from India

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Date: 18 April 2018
Time: 18:00 -19:00  CET
Host: Invest in Peace
Theme:  Where climate-friendly farmers need investment
Objectives: To hear progress from India involving some 20,000 farmers with achieving climate and friendly food production – bringing functioning soils, carbon mitigation and food security
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The business of peace WEBINAR

PAST WEBINAR: If we have the power to make such a mess of this world then surely we have the power to bring peace



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Webinar: How to invest in peace



  • Date: 5 th April 16:00 – 17:00 CET
  • Host: Initiatives of Change
  • Theme: how to invest in Peace
  • Objectives: An overview of possibilities to invest in other ways, at personal ´, community and policy level.
  • Sign up: Free
  • Access: you will need a web link (coming soon on this page)

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Fossil Phase-out: Strategies for a new energy age

Are you working with strategy and planning, especially with value chains? We map latest understanding of fossil fuel industry and how phasing out fossil fuels will affect the economy and consider scenarios and strategies to manage them.

Fast Facts:

  • Main Theme: managing fossil-fuel intensity reductions value chain
  • Main audience: managers involved in creating scenarios and strategies for a future of uncertain energy supply
  • Main benefits: get fast insights and strategies to manage risk and opportunity
  • Length: 60 mins
  • Price: 49 Euros
  • Register: follow this link
  • Available: 19th August 12:30 CET and 20th August 19:30 CET

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Webinar: make sustainable food security the heart of CSR strategy

csrintroSuitable for those curious about CSR or those looking for sound arguments to introduce CSR strategies into the firm, this webinar overviews the CSR approach to fulfilling the human right to water and food  in a sustainable way and explains how this can drive business development.

Fast Facts:

  • CSR level: basic
  • Main Theme: leaving philanthropy
  • Main audience: representatives from corporations and other organisations interested in implementing CSR together with sustainable development
  • Main benefits: holistic approach gives you the basics fast in a down to earth manner
  • Length: 20 mins
  • Register: follow this link
  • Available: NOW! as replay 

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Put a price on phosphorus to save our food production and the Baltic

A recent report issued by the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation proposes putting a fee on phosphorus and nitrogen imports in order to stimulate the economy to run clean and protect the Baltic Sea. The Foundation calls it the Flexible Pollutant Fee Mechanism (flex fees). Although a fee will make some food more expensive, paradoxically the Foundation claims that the economy will be stimulated. More jobs, green ones at that, will be created as the Foundation proposes that the fees collected are returned to the economy stimulating the demand for green technology and new jobs. Compared to Cap and Trade, the Foundation sees flex fees as being a more effective way to price pollution.

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Webinar: ushering in the circular economy for phosphorus

webinar_foodNew technology and economic instruments to achieve food security

See the recording, now available

Fast Facts:

  • CSR level: medium, compliance
  • Main Theme: understanding phosphorus
  • Main audience:  policy makers, corporate CSR managers, NGO representatives and concerned individuals looking for a deeper understanding of how corporations and governments can collaborate with society in general to create a cleaner, more food-secure world.
  • Main benefits: Join the dots to see new opportunities
  • Main content partners: Teknikmarknad,  The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation
  • Length: 55 mins

OTHER MATERIAL: Flex fees video. Report on Phosphorus and the circular economy.

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Opportunities to do good using web-based social trends

CSR briefing with Water and Food Award and IBUYWESELL

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Fast Facts:

  • Date:  27th March, 12:00 CET
  • CSR level: basic
  • Main Theme: leaving philanthropy
  • Main audience: representatives from corporations and other organisations interested in implementing sustainable community based marketplaces as part of their CSR
  • Main benefits: holistic approach gives you the basics fast in a down to earth manner
  • Main content partner: IBUYWESELL the web-based community market place expert.
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The changing of business paradigms



Most ideas about what business is come from the 1930’s onwards when the idea of corporation, limited liability, first appeared.

But times change. The table above, from our CSR webinar, shows just how much has changed in 50 years. Maybe it is time to review the deep underlying paradigms about what business actually is? Read More…

Linking CSR and food security: webinar with Swedish Safety organisation

Stephen Hinton, representing the Water and Food Award joins  ISSS for the first in their P.R.N. Webinar series.

DATE: 27th February      TIME: 14:00 CET (50 minutes)

SUBJECT: CSR from a food security and risk and continuity perpective

FROM THE PROGRAM: What is food insecurity doing to us? How businesses view these trends? Micheal Porter’s perspective. Water and Food applicants’ solutions. Perspective on Risk management.

REGISTRATION: is online and free, follow this link

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