Webinar: make sustainable food security the heart of CSR strategy

csrintroSuitable for those curious about CSR or those looking for sound arguments to introduce CSR strategies into the firm, this webinar overviews the CSR approach to fulfilling the human right to water and food  in a sustainable way and explains how this can drive business development.

Fast Facts:

  • CSR level: basic
  • Main Theme: leaving philanthropy
  • Main audience: representatives from corporations and other organisations interested in implementing CSR together with sustainable development
  • Main benefits: holistic approach gives you the basics fast in a down to earth manner
  • Length: 20 mins
  • Register: follow this link
  • Available: NOW! as replay 

Slowed growth, dwindling resources, environmental and climate challenges as well as increasing social inequalities are challenging corporations to get involved to do more good for the communities they operate in.  It is a common cause; losses of community resilience undermine prosperity and threaten continuity for the whole business community. Resilient prosperous communities are also food paying customers.

Increasing awareness and preparedness will mitigate these risks – possibly a new role for CSR as humanity enters a new era.

With change comes new possibilities, especially as the spread of information technology is opening up totally new ways of working: by mobilizing resources and skills that are under-used or by focusing on local business, responding to people’s real needs, creating new relationships or new products.

For this webinar, WAF applications Manager Stephen Hinton talks us through the experiences WAF has had in understanding how water and food security impact society and the opportunities for corporations should they start to make it core to their CSR.


Leaders in private and public organizations working with strategic CSR and preparedness approaches, especially those working on social and environmental strategies who wish to gain an overview of the latest thinking and in particular explore the overlaps between CSR and safety, security and preparedness.


Participants will view, through the eyes of leading food security initiatives, the challenges and opportunities for corporate CSR activities to make a real difference for their customers, employees and people involved in their supply chains.


  • Crowded planet? How crowded and where are the challenges?
  • Operational modeling, finding your KIPS (Key water and food impact points)
  • What do humans really want?
  • The sweet spot for your business: where human rights, sustainable development and CSR meet.
  • Competition vs kindness. Community vs corporation. Do they have to be opposites?
  • The WAF Ladder: choosing the right level and planning the next step up.


Stephen Hinton has a background in management training from MaST International Ltd and worked in program management at Ericsson before taking on the Managing Director role in a water purification company. Stephen first developed his passion for sustainability writing his book “Inventing for the Sustainable Planet”. Stephen is an ISSS fellow, serves on the boards of JAK bank and the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation and has headed up the Water and Food Award’s applications function since its beginning.


The webinar is a guest lecture by the Water and Food Award, now available in recorded format.


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