How to be part of the transition


I am in no doubt that things for most people will get worse: its the times we live in – with climate change, increasing wealth gaps, hitting resource limits and more challenging fundamentally our way of life, what we call “business” and how we see ourselves in relation to nature.

Yet we are facing the realities of today – making money. How can we reconcile these two conflicting views? We can’t probably. What we can do is to make a start at least to see where we can develop our organisations.


We just have to ask ourselves where our immediate operations interface the environment and where we impact ecological maturity the most. And where this impact most impacts people’s lives. Then we need to find a way to remedy it that makes business sense.


The best place to look is at our immediate operations and then our supply chain. Are there people in need? And are there places our company is vulnerable to these challenges?

Following from this the next step is to see where the company can make a difference. From this, it comes down to business acumen. Where can our business help people and do it in a way that makes business sense,  like decreasing vulnerability and doing it without making a loss?

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