Fossil Phase-out: Strategies for a new energy age

Are you working with strategy and planning, especially with value chains? We map latest understanding of fossil fuel industry and how phasing out fossil fuels will affect the economy and consider scenarios and strategies to manage them.

Fast Facts:

  • Main Theme: managing fossil-fuel intensity reductions value chain
  • Main audience: managers involved in creating scenarios and strategies for a future of uncertain energy supply
  • Main benefits: get fast insights and strategies to manage risk and opportunity
  • Length: 60 mins
  • Price: 49 Euros
  • Register: follow this link
  • Available: 19th August 12:30 CET and 20th August 19:30 CET


Navigating energy strategies in times of uncertainty

By now, managers will have heard of Peak Oil and of national carbon limitation plans. What this means in practice is not always easy to grasp. Stephen Hinton, former Ericsson Program manager and CEO of a sustainable water company, leads this one-hour webinar that clarifies what phasing out of fossil fuels could mean for business in general. Stephen, together with Philip Wayer from ISSS, covers essential knowledge of the oil market, supply chain risk management, likely scenarios, factors to monitor and the new capabilities organisations need  to build to manage risks.

THIS WEBINAR IS FOR managers involved in strategy and planning in industries that may be affected directly or indirectly by the fossil fuel phase out.

• Fossil fuel market basics, what you need to know to understand oil, coal and gas prices
• What are the chances fossil fuels leave us before we phase them out?
• Where are we most vulnerable? Comparing supply chain and fuel use in different countries
• Likely scenarios. Helpful planning frameworks
• Rules of thumb for assessing fossil vulnerability
• Time horizons: closer than we think or time to exploit market gaps?
• Building contingency: three essentials

STEPHEN HINTON’s background is in program management at Ericsson. Before starting his consulting service he was Managing Director of a water purification company. Stephen’s passion for sustainability led to his book Inventing for the Sustainable Planet. Stephen serves on the boards of JAK Bank, the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation, and the Humanitarian Water and Food Award.

PHILIP WAYER has 30 years of experience within electronics and technology industry working on Ministry of Defence and private sector projects. Philip held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors for Decade Plc and was actively involved in the implementation of crisis preparedness & management analysis, capability and capacity building projects. In 2010, Philip was one of the founding members of the ISSS and has subsequently worked, diligently, in communities and municipalities to create a safer, sustainable and resilient future for Swedish civil society.

THIS WEBINAR features live speakers, video clips, interactive text chat, and a Q&A session.

REGISTER HERE. 60 minutes, PRICE  EUROS 49 follow this link.



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