The Humanitarian Water and Food Award 2014

Introduced by former BBC correspondent and sustainability journalist Steve Bradshaw along with WAF’s applications manager, Stephen Hinton, the Humanitarian Water and Food Award was streamed live from Central Hall Westminster in London on Wednesday the 18th of June.

Click on the picture or here to see the full recording.

Steve Bradshaw and Stephen Hinton
Steve Bradshaw and Stephen Hinton

This year’s winner was ACHM, the African Centre for Holistic Management, for their work using the methods developed by Alan Savory to restore land. ecosystems and livelihoods to mimicking the behaviour of wild cattle.

Newly  appointed  Patrons,  Her  Royal  Highness Princess  Basma  bint  Ali  of  Jordan,  Founder  of  the  Royal   Botanic   Gardens   in   Jordan   and   Prem   Rawat,   of   The   Prem   Rawat   Foundation   and   Food   For  People  Project,  reminded  us  that  creating  a  culture  of  peace  and  caring  for  our  planet  are  essential  prerequisites   for   sustainable   food   production.
WAF aims  to   channel   peoples’   energy   and  commitment  to  achieve  this  goal.

To learn more about the Water and Food Award, follow this link.

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