Webinar: live or replay Investing in Farmers, experiences from India

Invitation to Webinar!


Date: 18 April 2018
Time: 18:00 -19:00  CET
Host: Invest in Peace http://investinpeace.tssef.se
Theme:  Where climate-friendly farmers need investment
Objectives: To hear progress from India involving some 20,000 farmers with achieving climate and friendly food production – bringing functioning soils, carbon mitigation and food security
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Coming soon! Training in using the Commons Finance Canvas

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The Commons finance Canvas is a tool to help intentional communities like eco-villages or CSA food projects to plan their finances. The canvas helps groups produce a prospectus and business plan. This free online training is coming soon so do sign up if you’d like to know the moment it is released!

Webinar: How to invest in peace



  • Date: 5 th April 16:00 – 17:00 CET
  • Host: Initiatives of Change http://iofc.org
  • Theme: how to invest in Peace
  • Objectives: An overview of possibilities to invest in other ways, at personal ´, community and policy level.
  • Sign up: Free
  • Access: you will need a web link (coming soon on this page)

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Taking part in European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform

Stephen Hinton will represent the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation as panel member at the event:

Policies and tools for the bio-nutrient circular economy
Brussels, Wednesday 2nd December

The event will focus on proposals for actions for policies around waste disposal constraints, targets, CAP incentives, natural capital accounting, externalities, dynamic standards, fiscal tax shift etc

And cover topics such as

  •  obstacles in regulation, application
  • innovation and value chain collaboration
  • changing economic imbalance between raw materials and recycling
  • tax shift
  • policy tools
  • job creation, farmer’s incomes

Read more about the Platform here

New Baltic Works Commission to take holistic view

Starting with its first meeting in December, the new Baltic Works Commission will work in a cross- disciplinary way to address the problem of eutrophication in the Baltic.
Stephen Hinton provides a Environmental Fiscal Reform perspective, representing the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation.


For more information

Article (in Swedish newsletter)


Circle way camp aims to offer a holiday embracing a healing, inclusive, healthy culture

StoryTaking place for the thirteenth year in succession, the Circle Way camp, deep in the Swedish countryside, with Native American Medicine Story as the keeper of the heart, is developing in the spirit of Transition to offer a holiday embracing a culture of inclusiveness, healing and harmony.

“Think seven generations ahead before every important decision”

Native American saying

This year the theme is seven generations, and how generations need each other.

Circle Way Camp revolves around the North American Indian tradition: to meet in the great circle, smaller discussion groups (clans), men’s circle, women’s circle, sweat lodge ceremonies, story time, dance and song games and more. In addition, children have their own clans and playtimes. All this is combined with the best of the Swedish summer culture and the Transition movement; Open Space discussion groups, entertainment with open stage, sauna, swimming in natural lake, forest walks and long delightful evenings around the camp fire. As a special luxury campers are treated to a delicious vegetarian lunch buffet every day. (And there are rooms with separate, renewable energy heated bathrooms and showers for comfort lovers.)

Says camp general, Stephen Hinton: “This year’s theme is bringing generations together in a new, creative and rewarding way. They say it takes a village to raise a child. But they also say it takes a child to raise a village! People can come on their own or invite their parents, grandparents, mothers, children, grandchildren, nieces to a vacation that can be one of the summer’s highlights. And we have arranged really deep discounts for families; I think this year it makes a lot of sense to bring as many with you as you can. That’s what we want, it’s a big lake and there’s room for everyone.”

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