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Advanced circle economy training being made available

Launched just a few days ago, with Stephen Hinton as one of the main course developers, this new site will be offering both free and paid courses in the circle economy.

The site offers courses appealing to a wide range of audiences, from entrepreneurs, activists, policy makers, macro-economists and even those working with the peace economy.

Currently the site offers two free courses, one for entrepreneurs and the other connecting macro-economics and the circular economy.

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5 P WORKSHOPS: exploring potential for local economy, markets and enterprises

Recruiting to local enterprises


Economic progress has been uneven to say the least. People and the environment are still experiencing stresses even in countries with higher living standards. Could re-focussing the local economy be part of the answer? A regenerative local economy includes all citizens, recirculates money to ensure thriving local businesses and it works to ensure a sustainable use of resources.

But there is a lot to learn. You could organise presentations and lectures from experts. Another way to explore the potential of revitalizing the local economy is to simply simulate the experience to see how far a group of people can come. Read More…

Webinar: How to invest in peace



  • Date: 5 th April 16:00 – 17:00 CET
  • Host: Initiatives of Change
  • Theme: how to invest in Peace
  • Objectives: An overview of possibilities to invest in other ways, at personal ´, community and policy level.
  • Sign up: Free
  • Access: you will need a web link (coming soon on this page)

Read More…

Simulating the five P’s of the local economy

DSC_0668Length: 0.5-1 day
Purpose: learn about local economy and the role of currency by participating in a this simulation
Why attend? By taking a step back and simulating the local economy you can quickly gain deep insights into how the local economy works and could work with local currency. By creating your own currency you gain deep insights into how money works that you would otherwise only gain from literature study.
Main contents: Using a form of the complementary currency MINUTOS the simulation goes from a market with turnover assets of zero to creating functioning market, organisations, products and thriving citizens.

Learning: a separate group of “reporters” follows the simulation to gather data on how money and feelings, negative and positive, connect. They gather learning on essentials of money systems and collect statistics of how “economic growth” proceeds during the simulation.
Includes: The 5 P’s: place, people, products, payment mechanism and projects (organisations). Read More…

Local complementary currency workshop

By now,  many have probably heard that complementary local currencies have the power to drive local economies toward sustainability.  Implementing local currencies is a painstaking trial and error process and needs a range of factors to come together for the currency to have true effect.

This workshop is run as a simulation exercise in launching and using a complementary currency, going from scratch to functioning marketplace in just under two hours, a truly learning by doing exercise. Read More…

It’s money that is killing the local economy

moneydestA recent report on local currency and local economy from Sweden, complied by Transition member Steve Hinton, sheds light on some of the pitfalls and opportunities for local community action. The report comes in the wake of a resilience project to create a “back-up” currency, envisioned as a preparedness tool should Sweden’s ubiquitous digital money system fail due to loss of electrical power over a longer period. Most money today in Sweden is digital, only a few percent is notes and coins. With its harsh winters and long distances, Sweden is particularly vulnerable. Read More…

New workshop form – the Local Economy Rocket – launches

We are pleased to announce a new  workshop form called “The Local Economy Rocket: stages from conversation to transition enterprise”.  Inspired by the Reconomy project in UK and the work of Hela Sverige Skall Leva and Swedish JAK Bank, this workshop presents the experiences and tools from local economic development from around Sweden and the rest of the world. Participants will become familiar with the stages to economic development and tools so they can start to apply them in their local economy. Read More…

Case Study: supporting resilient local economic development

LER_LOGO2PLACE: JAK Bank, Skövde, Sweden

SITUATION: Growing  awareness  of the need to transition from a fossil-fuel based economy to a sustainable, resilient economy, is driving demand for education and training to enable local action  groups to accelerate their activities. Read More…

Lokalvaluta dagen

(Seminarium och Workshop)

Kan en lokal, volontär valuta vara ett sätt att organisera och stimulera landsbygdsutvecklingsprojekt? Tidigare har ISSS utfört pilotstudier och utveckling av modeller för introduktion av lokalvaluta. Dessa studier visade bl.a. stora möjligheter för användning av volontärvalutan ITK. ITK, som står för Ideell Tid Kuponger, introducerades inom projekt som syftar till att stärka den lokala ekonomin och öka den lokala beredskapen inför t.ex. extrem väder, elavbrott, ekonomiska svårigheter mm. Denna workshop ger dig som är involverad i landsbygdsutveckling, beredskap, lokalekonomi, miljöutveckling osv. nya insikter och metoder för att organisera, uppmuntra och finansiera projekt. Read More…

Training: innovating with Imagestreaming

Length: 0.5-4 days
Purpose: teaches how to access and apply creativity using the technique of imagestreaming
Why attend? Imagestreaming makes you tens of times more creative and effective. Find the best solutions fast!
Main contents: After teaching the techniques delegates apply them to their own challenge
 Includes: how to frame an innovation assignment as well as start implementation

As the challenge of transforming the Industrial Growth Economy becomes more critical, so does the need for innovations with a totally new approach. We are facing new situations where experience from the last 80 years is no guide. We need to recover the wisdom of our ancestors, who, without fossil fuels, survived and made our life possible. Many call this the period in history of the Great Turning.

Is there a way to just ”come up” with solutions ”out of the blue” given a concrete problem to solve? Leonardo da Vinci and Einstein seemed to have this gift. What did they do? Did they close their eyes? The  same thing for our ancestors: they did not have the luxury of wondering about where they could import technology from. They solved problems using what they had at hand.

Years of research into innovative strategies by Dr. Win Wenger have synthesized findings about the mental process of innovation into a set of techniques called Imagestreaming.

But to go from insight to action requires innovation too. This workshop addresses these alike. Stephen Hinton, former Program manager at Ericsson and Managing Director of Purity AB, a water purification company has developed and used these techniques to produce the book ”Inventing for the Sustainable Planet”.

The techniques are remarkably simple to learn and apply. Read More…