Local complementary currency workshop

By now,  many have probably heard that complementary local currencies have the power to drive local economies toward sustainability.  Implementing local currencies is a painstaking trial and error process and needs a range of factors to come together for the currency to have true effect.

This workshop is run as a simulation exercise in launching and using a complementary currency, going from scratch to functioning marketplace in just under two hours, a truly learning by doing exercise.

Workshop Objectives:

To give participants an experience of the process and possibilities of local complimentary currency implementation. Though participating in the simulation you gain insights and awareness that cannot be gained simply through reading.

Who should attend?

Those interested in learning more about complimentary currency, possibly to introduce to your own community or for those interested in understanding the mechanisms behind complimentary currencies.

The simulation

  • Constructing currency – what is currency exactly anyway?
  • Using time as a common measure of value
  • The value of place and context
  • Complimentary currency redefines work
  • Calculating value in complimentary terms
  • Combining currencies
  • Financing change
  • Giving money away – donation vs employment
  • Pulling together the 5 P’s people, place, products, projects and payments
  • When the community is ready for a currency

Practical details

Timing: About two hours

Workshop leader: Stephen Hinton, author ,”Inventing for the Sustainable Planet”



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