Case Study: supporting resilient local economic development

LER_LOGO2PLACE: JAK Bank, Skövde, Sweden

SITUATION: Growing  awareness  of the need to transition from a fossil-fuel based economy to a sustainable, resilient economy, is driving demand for education and training to enable local action  groups to accelerate their activities.

FRAMING QUESTION: How can local groups best be supported in their endeavors to transform their local economy towards resilience? How can an alternative Bank like JAK support this development?

SOLUTION: As part of our internal development to give back what we can back to society, Stephen Hinton consulting, together with Johan Sandwall, a former Banking Executive and JAK board trustee, developed a one day workshop called Local Economic Rocket – a collection of tools and approaches for developing the local economy.


In Swedish


  • Building social cohesion and local identity
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Transitioning from voluntary involvement to social enterprise
  • Creative ways to find capital
  • How alternative banks can help
  • Developing resilience
  • Projectisation

One day workshop, tailored to local situation

The first trial session, held as part of JAK bank’s recent weekend training, served as a first proof of concept. Delegates, including the Board chairperson, several other Board members  and the Bank’s Managing Director, were enthusiastic about the idea of developing a  package that presents successful  approaches and experience of local economic development.

Says Co-founder Johan Sandwall;  “It just shows you how different JAK bank is compared to conventional banks. When you get Managing Directors and Board members joining in development of training packages for the Bank’s members you realise the level of awareness and social engagement that is at the heart of the JAK.”


LER is inspired by the initiative in the UK called the Reconomy Project

Visit the Swedish LER website via this link.

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