New workshop form – the Local Economy Rocket – launches

We are pleased to announce a new  workshop form called “The Local Economy Rocket: stages from conversation to transition enterprise”.  Inspired by the Reconomy project in UK and the work of Hela Sverige Skall Leva and Swedish JAK Bank, this workshop presents the experiences and tools from local economic development from around Sweden and the rest of the world. Participants will become familiar with the stages to economic development and tools so they can start to apply them in their local economy.

  • Workshop: LokalEkonomisk Raket en dagars workshop
  • Tid: 15 mars kl.  9-17
  • Plats: Säby kyrkskola, söder om Tranås
  • För: Främst boende i Tranås, Aneby och Jönköpings kommuner samt Sommenbyggd Leader områden
  • Workshopledare: Stephen Hinton, JAK Medlemsbank, och Johan Sandwall, JAK Medlemsbank
  • Avgift: Workshoppen är gratis, avgift för lunch
  • För mer information: se inbjudan Inbjudan LERaket Säby
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