Simulating the five P’s of the local economy

DSC_0668Length: 0.5-1 day
Purpose: learn about local economy and the role of currency by participating in a this simulation
Why attend? By taking a step back and simulating the local economy you can quickly gain deep insights into how the local economy works and could work with local currency. By creating your own currency you gain deep insights into how money works that you would otherwise only gain from literature study.
Main contents: Using a form of the complementary currency MINUTOS the simulation goes from a market with turnover assets of zero to creating functioning market, organisations, products and thriving citizens.

Learning: a separate group of “reporters” follows the simulation to gather data on how money and feelings, negative and positive, connect. They gather learning on essentials of money systems and collect statistics of how “economic growth” proceeds during the simulation.
Includes: The 5 P’s: place, people, products, payment mechanism and projects (organisations).

Some questions the simulation explores:

  • What is money, how is it created?
  • How can money steer behaviour?
  • How do feelings around money come about?
  • How to value time?
  • Why giving away and volunteering drive economies.
  • How to projectise local economy development.
  • Sustainable enterprises.
  • Local complementary currencies.


Number of participants: 10-50

Price: Ask for offer.


Download the report from earlier simulations ITK_report2


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