Circle way camp aims to offer a holiday embracing a healing, inclusive, healthy culture

StoryTaking place for the thirteenth year in succession, the Circle Way camp, deep in the Swedish countryside, with Native American Medicine Story as the keeper of the heart, is developing in the spirit of Transition to offer a holiday embracing a culture of inclusiveness, healing and harmony.

“Think seven generations ahead before every important decision”

Native American saying

This year the theme is seven generations, and how generations need each other.

Circle Way Camp revolves around the North American Indian tradition: to meet in the great circle, smaller discussion groups (clans), men’s circle, women’s circle, sweat lodge ceremonies, story time, dance and song games and more. In addition, children have their own clans and playtimes. All this is combined with the best of the Swedish summer culture and the Transition movement; Open Space discussion groups, entertainment with open stage, sauna, swimming in natural lake, forest walks and long delightful evenings around the camp fire. As a special luxury campers are treated to a delicious vegetarian lunch buffet every day. (And there are rooms with separate, renewable energy heated bathrooms and showers for comfort lovers.)

Says camp general, Stephen Hinton: “This year’s theme is bringing generations together in a new, creative and rewarding way. They say it takes a village to raise a child. But they also say it takes a child to raise a village! People can come on their own or invite their parents, grandparents, mothers, children, grandchildren, nieces to a vacation that can be one of the summer’s highlights. And we have arranged really deep discounts for families; I think this year it makes a lot of sense to bring as many with you as you can. That’s what we want, it’s a big lake and there’s room for everyone.”

PlaydaySays Stephen: ”What is new this year is Play Day. We were inspired by Medicine Story’s latest book “the Joy of Caring for Children” where we realized that the best holiday is to celebrate the joy of just hanging out, or playing, doing things together or experiencing all those amazing circle way talks.”

Says Peter Elmberg, founder and builder of things amazing at the Mundekulla conference center: “We have built a Hobbit house, a Viking village, a lake for natural swimming, a beach, campfires and you name it. We hope that, at the height of the Swedish summer, families can really enjoy the beautiful surroundings as well as meeting like-minded in the big circle or round the campfire. And they can do it with good conscience – we live as ecologically as we can”

Today, the circle meeting format has spread and become more common in the western world, both in alternative contexts, in companies and various forms of self-development groups. Native American Medicine Story, 86 years has taught “Circle Way” in Europe and the US for over 30 years based on his ancestral principles and approaches.

Medicine Story is joined by his partner, Elika Linden, Peter Elmberg and Transitioner Stephen Hinton hosting this year’s camp.

Learn more about the camp here:



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