Collaborative Economy = Welcome to the new world where something Interesting is happening…

Excellent post from Dr.Pano Kroko on where financing för startups is going

Bleeding Edge

Shared & Collaborative Economy is actually old style Economics…

Yet without historical background — Today some people call it “The rise of “UOPA”.”

Using Other People’s Assets

Or simply an evolved Shared and Aggregated Economy

And the thing is that it’s happening in every industry.

We call it shared economy but it is really disintermediation of resources from producers to consumers and the conduits make the Market.

What’s Not to Like?

Or Love?

Remember when media companies like the WSJ, NY Times and Washington Post ruled- “don’t ever take on anyone with a printing press”. Now…not so much. Creating or owning real “things”- whether it’s automobiles or content-is no longer the path to power and wealth.
Welcome to the new world…

Shared Economy Has No Stock or Physical Assets to make things happen into Billion Dollar Valuations….

Better yet we should simply call it Collaborative Economy for the StartUp Founders & Funders amongst us.

And it takes place all around us…

The major families of industries…

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