The business of peace WEBINAR

PAST WEBINAR: If we have the power to make such a mess of this world then surely we have the power to bring peace



With every day that passes we see how tension and conflicts are on the rise. Yet what people really want is peace. Peace, not as absence of war, but as the harmony that comes from within when given a chance. At a time when investing in fossil fuels looks like a short-term idea, and property might hit a bubble, and with corporate profits that have been steadily falling since after WWII, we need to ask ourselves: can we invest in peace instead? Can we invest in removing suffering and create a good life for all even as we adapt to living with less money and cheap fossil fuel? This webinar  shares how far the initiative has come, what we have learnt and how you can benefit from investing in peace, personally, at community and business  level and at national/policy level.


Those who share a personal engagement in promoting peace looking to explore personal development, business  and policy opportunities.


  • Stephen Hinton, Co-Founder Invest in Peace
  • Peter Boiu, Co-Founder of Invest in Peace
  • Special Guest: TimMacDonald, Co-founder Evergreen Core


  • Peace as the human project
  • Our starting point: the Peace Bank
  • The basics conditions for peace: a safe dignified house for humanity
  • Why we need to get down to business
  • Investors’ Conference


Save the date now!  Want to learn more already today?


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