The Circular Economy

The idea of a circular economy  – or some aspects of it – may seem new and difficult depending on your background. We have therefore developed a series of presentations and tools to help you to a better understanding of how the circular approach applies to what you are engaged in.

The circular economy: a guide to the essentials.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an economics-interested scientist or a science-interested economist or indeed working in supply chain, this overview gives you the essentials.

  • The essential characteristics of a supply chain
  • The four “spheres” the circular economy encompasses
  • The two main cycles – and their connection points to each other
  • Three elements that define the circular economy including carbon.

The circular economy: showing circularity on the balance sheet

This guide takes you through the points in the balance sheet where circularity can be accounted for.

This includes:

  • Sales income and circularity
  • Capital invested in circularity
  • Costs for non-circular materials handing
  • Measures of progress towards circularity

Further Reading

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