What I am Working on

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I am looking into complexity, and the problems we face. It seems that systems theory can help us if we map things out using system notation and take a step back. Because in complexity we can find simple solutions

Now, I’m becoming very interested in the work
of Donella Meadows of Limits to Growth fame. Towards the end of her career she started to talk about how to intervene in systems. She suggested there were 10 or more levels. fascinating
systems think

Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System

Change resistance

We can also understand change resistance looking from a systems perspective? Harich thinks so and makes a good case.

Click to access Harich_2010_ChangeResistanceAsTheCrux.pdf

You’ll find a lot of his stuff on http://thwink.org


In order to understand systems we have to model them as we saw above. What language to use and what system.


C-ROADS and C-LEARN, Climate Interactive

and one use of that has been



I thinking a lot about networks and how they are evolving to cover the planet and possibly cover the whole planet. I call this evolving view “theory T”. Theory T might be the answer to organising society so it withstands the trials of fossil fuel depletion.

Big data is only just bringing us insights into how we are with each other and how we organise ourselves. See this TED talk


Where is Transition going? Well I am just realising that it offers something unique, and that is the social technology needed to build resilient, sociocratic socieities. And it does it through group building and integrating co creation into an overall vision driven process.

It thrives on positive energy and learns how to harness the positive energy in the community.

It goes from a conversation to an informal network of social enterprises working sustainably.

( I am exploring the idea of  it LERAKET at http://leraket.wordpress.com)