Results from the Stockholm Stakeholder workshop


The experimental side

Experiments and other initiatives

  • How can we compare initiatives – which criteria and measurements can we apply?

Can we create a base reference?


  • What scales can we use
  • How can we measure and compare benefits of various approaches?
  • How can we monitor initiatives
  • Can we create a no-action baseline
  • Can we use the reference models in the AL trials as a reference?
  • Can we quantify and qualify the effects of a no action approach?
  • What about the different salinity layers – will they affect performance of measures?

Where is the real disagreement?

  • On internal loading mitigation approaches?
  • How can future research be funded?
  • How can we compare the cost effectiveness of various approaches?
  • How far can we get in identifying the potential effects of internal loading approaches
    • By modelling
    • Understanding potential effects
    • Reaching a threshold – the right size of pilot?

The energy needs of eg marlstone – realistic to heat treat the amounts needed?

How to spread things like marlstone effectively?

Guidelines for internal loading approaches

What kind of things should be in the guidelines

The environmental side

Environmental effects of Internal Loading

How can we identify and categorise them?

How can we set up a sound discussion?


Local stakeholder: How to engage local stakeholders

How to handle opposition from the few but vocal opponents?

What is the moral standpoint for the Baltic?

How to handle ministries that might take 5-10 years to respond.

Scaling up

How can we bring in technical maturity scales into the evaluation?

How can we predict and envisage the large-scale effects on both the environment and society of internal loading mitigation?

IS there open (rough!) sea technology we can utilize?

How can approaches engage engineers?

How to calculate the appropriate “dose” of bottom covering?


How useful can the intracellular water and slurry be in agriculture?


What is the legal framework around sea-based measures on internal loading

How can we put counter-arguments in this legal framework+

How to speed up the permit process?

Legal framework around water body and sea bottom measures.


Economic views – how to put a price on biodiversity, water quality, etc?

How to engage banking and credit institutions and explain the investment and payoffs?

Creating something to actually sell that cleans the Baltic – the commercial side.




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