Recent engagements

Below is a selection of recent engagements


May 11 Presenting Environmental Fiscal reform at the Baltic Sea Action Group


September 21: Presented the Water and Food Award at Peace Day Stockholm.

July 1-4: Speaking at CAUX (Article)

June 18: Central Hall Westminster, co-host for live broadcast of the Humanitarian Water and Food Award

June 17: Houses of Parliament, UK. Represented TSSEF at signing of EU Pledge to Peace

May: Preparations for the Water and Food Award Master Class.

May 6: Webinar introduction to CSR and Food security

April 17: Webinar: Economic incentives and the circular phosphorus economy

March 30:  Walk for the environment day, Farsta, Stockholm

March 19:: Workshop with local currency for Green party and others  in Trelleborg

March 15:: Local Economic Rocket in Tranås, Southern Sweden

March 4 and 18: presentation of local Complementary Currency at Local Economy Day

March 3  Moderator at debate on Economic Growth and Municipal Sustainability

March 1: Future day at Stockholm’s technical museum

Feb 16: Man in Mission: an introduction to inner transition for men

Feb 8:  With Doctor environment i Farsta to show money and energy saving tips

Feb 6 Webinar: an introduction to inner transition (in Swedish)

January 21: release of Hållbarhets boden (sustainable kiosk) in Farsta, Stockholm

January 18:  Open space on Climate and Energy


November 15: Volunteer currency teaching at Uppsala University

November 9th: Local economic development tpresentation for the CAJA association

October: Presentation of Transition to audience in Stockholm suburb, Farsta.

October 20: Hosting  World in Transition online conference between villages, Värmland, Sweden

September: Financial Permaculture: guest session on Permaculture design course in Alvesta, Småland, Sweden.

September: guest speaker at launch of Ouishare platform talking about complementary currencies and sharing.

September: prioritization workshop with JAK bank board of Trustees.

September: guest workshop at PUSH climate conference for young people in Falun: ITK currency as climate currency.

August 15 Future Perfect festival, Speaker in Coocreation session on local economy and local production and consumption representing the Swedish Transition Movement

July 10 Circle Way Camp Workshop on the Transition Movement with Pella Thiel

June 19th  CSR 2.0 Conference at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship. Presentation of learnings from recent Water and Food Awards

May-June 2013, County of Uppsala, program to trial complementary currency

May 15 Uppsala Sweden. Workshop on Transition with RUCOP organisation

April 16th Stora Tillväxt Dagen. Presentation of TSSEF’s Flexible Pollutant Fee mechanism