The Water and Food security ladder for individuals

This table describes the various stages we have seen people develop through as their awareness of the significance of water and food security rises and as it begins to become part of their daily lives.

OUR CULTURE We get actively involved in promoting food and water security for all as a cornerstone of a culture of peace and prosperity
LOCAL INVOLVEMENT: RESILIENCE We engage with local authorities to do what we can to ensure food and water security is part of emergency preparedness and resilience
COMMUNITY We get together with others to form food cooperatives, CSAs and eco-villages etc. We explore how we can change our culture to one of sharing food and company.
GROWING/Preserving We start to grow food at home, in an allotment or similar and preserve what we can.
LEARNING: SUSTAINABILITY We start to lean more about the impact of food on our health and of production practices on the environment. We cook more from scratch.
NOT FOR US We buy food from the shop and don’t think any more about it

See also the Water and Food Ladder for corporations and nations.


The Transition movement have come far in creating a vision and launching practical initiatives for bringing resilience and sustainable food security to a community. Follow the links below for more information.

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