The Water and Food Security Ladder for Nations

This case study shows the stage the country CUBA went through, from severe food insecurity the situation today where life expectancy and infant mortality are on par with the USA

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HEALTHY POPULATION Changes in lifestyle and food consumption leads to healthier population. Helped by maintaining high doctor/citizen ratio and free healthcare.
ORGANIC SOIL ENHANCEMENT Production and use of bio pesticides and bio fertilizer. It took between 3-5 years to make land previously farmed with chemicals productive again. This was achieved with introduction of soil building techniques like worm culture and composting.
DECENTRALIZATION Rented land to small cooperatives under USUFRUCT conditions. You use the land and give it back in the same condition. Through a system of local markets, a large proportion of fruit and vegetable needs are supplied locally
FARMING PROFESSION SUPPORTED Farmers are the highest paid profession and the profession is seen as highly attractive.
TRAINING Cuba set up local universities and training colleges with focus on food security. the added train the trainer courses in things like Permaculture
LAND CONVERSION All land, even in cities, was clean up and turned in to urban agricultural gardens. With patio and roof gardens. Development of organic farming methods eliminated the need for natural gas and oil based fertilizers and pesticides. These were implemented with just a few years.Oxen. a vast program of breeding an training oxen and their handlers.
RATIONING, STATE CONTROL People started growing their own food. Food was rationed and provided by government.
INSECURITY 1992 The special period. The economy went into free-fall. Food is imported, reliance on fossil fuel in agriculture for both production and transport. Food poverty exists where access to food is restricted because of economic or supply reasons.

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