First edition of Signals of Change newsletter: September 2013

Signals of Change newsletter monitors the news flow from a wide variety of sources from the last 30 – 60 days for developments that could inform your organization’s social and environmental strategy which in turn could affect your overall business strategy. Signals of Change Newsletter is produced in cooperation between the Open World Foundation, the Institute of Swedish Safety and Security and Stephen Hinton Consulting.

The newsletter is released once a month to subscribers only. (To subscribe and be fully up to date – it’s free – click here). The newsletter is released a few weeks later for public reading on partner websites.


Signals that Banks are losing ground – both in terms of trust with consumers and in market share. Motoring, too seems to be on the decline. Not only against poor sales figures but people are actually driving less. Those who are driving and at the edge of developments are looking to ride-sharing and other collaborative forms . Many reports indicate that climate change and energy supply are holding prosperity back, requiring a rethink of what economic growth can achieve.


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