Stockholm City Suburb puts its foot down on CO2

foten_hängandeJust outside the library in the Stockholm Suburb of Farsta you’ll find a kiosk laden with information about the environment and sustainability relevant for the area.

Behind it, a giant black foot representing the average fossil-fuel related emissions per resident in Stockholm. The foot represents 3,8 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, coming directly from the burning of fossil fuels in the area.

The foot, so to speak, has to go. By 2050 the city administration plans that only 0,125 tons will be left.

How that will happen, and what it will mean is partly up to residents. Helene Mårtenson, who works with environmental strategy in Stockholm City, (picture below) is determined that some of the cultural activities in the city, at least, shall connect citizens to sustainability in new, creative ways.

Helene Mårtensson from Stockholm City Administration talks about her booklet on sustainable art.


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