Voluntary currency workshops reveal how global monetary system can hamper local economic development

cover ITKPublished on the 26th March, a new report from the Institute of Swedish Safety and Security, ISSS, written by fellow Stephen Hinton, sums up recent experiences with running workshops on local economic development, risk preparedness  and voluntary currency. Two results speak volumes about the sustainability predicament we find ourselves in today. Firstly, in simulating creating a local currency most participants realized they had no idea of how their national currency was created. Secondly, it became clear that creativity and collaboration are held back when money is a bearer of scarcity.

From following what happened in the workshop simulations, it seems the best way to approach developing a resilient local economy is to start from where you are, who you are, and what you have. And collaborate. And get multi-skilled. Preferably organize into projects to focus energies. All of these factors are essential regardless of whether a currency or points system or any other system is used.

pdf Download the report here. ITK_report2


Read more about the ITK currency.


One response to “Voluntary currency workshops reveal how global monetary system can hamper local economic development”

  1. stephenhinton says :

    Just found out that an English Local council is creating their own digital money as a voluntary currency pretty much following what is suggested in the report. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/10734073/Hull-Council-printing-its-own-money-by-paying-digital-cash-for-voluntary-work.html

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