Spread the word: Water and Food Award opening for new applications

Are you involved in a water and/or food security initiative? WAF would like to hear from you! The Water and Food Award (WAF) promotes sustainable water and food initiatives around the world. Every year, WAF selects five finalists from a field of applicants and recognize them at our high-profile international award event.

Why Apply?

Global Impact! All finalists:

  • receive awards and international media recognition;

  • participate in a ‘masterclass’ in which they share best practices with experts, business leaders and fellow finalists;

  • network with interested partners and sponsors.

  • benefit from ongoing promotion through WAF’s global network

Evaluation Criteria

  • Innovation: Does the initiative bring a real solution to a real problem? How is the solution better than other alternatives?
  • Sustainability: Will the solution last without outside resources?

  • Empowerment: Has the community identified the problem? Does the solution answer the community’s real needs? Does it make effective use of community resources? Is management transparent, accountable and community-based? Are there any community spin-offs?

  • Impact: The more people who benefit the better.

  • Replicability: Can it go global? Replicable solutions make the best use of global resources.

WAF Can Help

The award office is happy to help you complete your application. WAF also keeps all completed applications in its database for matching with suitable partners. You can update your information regularly with progress reports and requests for assistance. Other resources include microfinance, technical support, networking and help from skilled volunteers.

How to apply

Simply download the application instructions and form here in –pdf or Word format, complete it and send it to application@wafaward.org

2015applicationkit_final 2015applicationkit_finalR1

Application Deadline

The call for applications for the 2015 Award will begin in August 2014.

The final date, when applications close, is set for January 12th 2015. This date is subject to change so please check the  WAF page at regular intervals.

Sign up for  WAFs newsletter to be kept up to date on the application status HERE.

For general enquiries about award applications please use the form on  WAF main page

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