On Play

Antony Sheehan

leader can Antony come out to play?

What kid doesn’t love to hear that question? I know I did.

Growing up in the UK, I played a lot of football. You’ll excuse me if I don’t quite make the transition to calling it “soccer”. Even after a couple of years in the US, that word does not automatically trip off my tongue.

I was outside a lot. I ran hard. I kicked hard. I bounced balls off my head. I tried new strategies every time I was out on the field with my team. I made friends. I laughed and experienced the gamut from agony to ecstasy.

The recent World Cup reminded me of how much I loved those days full of play.

Adults sometimes devalue play, both for themselves and their children.

Shouldn’t kids be learning to do chores? Finishing homework? Practicing the piano? And shouldn’t adults be working harder…

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