Capitalism Revisited — Reform is Good Capitalism

I am reblogging this post by Dr.Pano Kroko calling for the reform of capitalism. It is high time thought leaders gather to have this conversation. Those of us not fortunate enough to be at the Drucker conference will be with Polly Higgins and Jem Bendell on Mallorca for

Bleeding Edge

I led a two day High Level Economic, Business, and Finance Summit on Capitalism in London and these are the conclusions we arrived at and the actions we aim to take in the near and longer term:

Capitalism is a sure Guide to Desires fulfilled.

Capitalism is a network of marketplaces that interact and fulfil basic needs as well as frivolous desires.

No other social, economic, and philosophical system, provides that much faith in fulfilling our needs and desires. From simple basic human needs — food, shelter, and procreation — as well as extremely harmful desires all are met through relatively free markets enabled by capital. That is capitalism. It is an endless parade of goods and services all available for a price, to meet the cravings, the gratification, and consumption, to fulfil our near endless desires.

Capitalism works well to provide for people.

Sadly it also promotes Excesses, Corruption…

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