Finding the Purpose in Your Business Plans

This is great advice from an entrepreneur and investor whom I admire greatly. And it’s good advice for those looking to create sustainable businesses as well.

Bleeding Edge

The Three Cardinal Panoisms:

1) Vision

2) Mission

3) Method

Finding the Vision of a Business is the key to any successful endeavour.

Planning the mission of a business can take anywhere from five minutes to five days or five years, depending on the target’s complexity. Decision-making criteria span a broad scope of considerations, ranging from the weather and terrain, enemy situation, the personnel usedand the timeline set. Similar to mission planning in special operations, there are myriad unknown factors that entrepreneurs must consider before they unleash a new product or service.

Here is a 10-step approach to consider when entering new terrain, a greenfield opportunity, or a new market:

1. Set the intent. This is the purpose for which your company exists — the difference you envision that your product or service will make for the customer and the value it will yield. Intent is different from mission or…

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