Stepping in as Sustainability Committee Chairman for RE Equity Partners AB

Investment will be in restoring real capital to lay the foundations for a green, peaceful and equitable society.

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted the invitation to chair the Sustainability Committee for RE Equity Partners AB.

The company has embarked on an ambitious endeavour to work with investments that regenerate real capital – and when used in sustainable businesses they give impact investors an impact return as well as generating financial returns.

Each investment will be scrutinised carefully by this newly-formed committee using RE Equity’s framework developed over the last four years with advice and input from leaders in fields including financial instrument development, land restoration, new approaches to capital and local economic development. The framework ensures that what is invested in:

  • creates real capital
  • stimulates business activity that produces measurable results
  • puts money into local economies
  • provides clear information updates for investors – so they can see progress to real impact and real returns

I have followed RE Equity from the beginning. They had to look very hard and long to find approaches to investment that did not require depleting real capital to make money. Finally, the pieces have fallen into place. RE Equity’s approach is based on the notion that real estate, food production and renewable energy need to be in place so everyone can enjoy basic security which is a foundation of peace and prosperity. If they can be provided in a sustainable way, the foundation of a green, prosperity can be laid.

Just to confirm that Re Equity is on the right path, a large global intergovernmental organization, working on economic development in least developed countries, showed genuine interest in RE Equity’s approach when they met recently.

RE Equity’s kind of impact investment is a new and exciting field that I am extremely honoured to be part of. If you are interested in finding out more about RE-Equity, and opportunities to invest, do contact me via the contact page if you don’t have my details.


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