New E-Books on the circular economy

This week, the Investors in Peace Academy published two new titles under the category of Peace with the Earth. Each E-book is free to download (you will need to register for updates but you can opt out at any time.)

What drives firms to linear and extractive practices?

The first title takes you through the way firm are set up and the drivers of extraction (rather than circularity) and exploitation. This E-Book will be useful to policy makers looking to correct the various market failures that can occur when drivers are too hard and regulations and market based incentives too negatively weighted.

How to bring circular economy into the accounts

The other title is for leaders who need an overview of how far its firm is away from, or close to, circularity. It will also appeal to those seeking to introduce figures around circularity in their business plans. The E-Book describes how to glean circular economics by adapting information in financial reporting.


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