No time to waste: we are facing a systemic crisis

The rapid infection wave sweeping across the globe is a stark reminder of that which I suppose most of us, or at least readers of this blog, have realised: our current system lacks resilience and is performing badly to expections.

Now is not the time to get into theoretical discussions and fight about socialism verses capitalism. The situation has gone too far. We need to save what we can.

A team at the Swedish think-tank is working on a proposal to add some functions to a national economy to at least give it a minimum level of resilience.

The idea is based on the concept of control engineering: a mechanical system that is not performing to expectations can be improved by adding smart components and an additional layer of digital control: feedback sensors connected to a computer connected to actuators that control the system.

Readers of this blog are invited to read and comment the first unofficial version by downloading it here.


Or use the comments form on the contact pages for your feedback.


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