Concerns inventory: land and water management

  1. Cloud seeding from forest. Clear felling affects rainfall and cooling
  2. Poor soil water evaporation due to soil water content loss affects climate
  3. Air pollution
  4. Poor soil infiltration.
  5. Extracted water  exceeds replenishment
  6. Equity in Drinking water   
  7. Polluted Drinking water. 
  8. P and N are not recycled to agriculture, but emitted to surface water or stored on land as waste.
  9. Waste water plants do not recycle P and N.  
  10. P N emitted from waste-water treatment plant.  
  11. Impaired water with pollutants emitted to surface water
  12. P,N in runoff from agriculture
  13. P,N in runoff from forestry and other non-agricultural management practices
  14. CO2 emissions from water provision  
  15. Challenge to find sufficient water for agriculture, industry and households. 
  16. Water export via agriculture 

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