The sustainable future-a riveting read?

Whilst we are longing for the sustainable future we are flooded with visions fashioned from concrete and steel, albeit covered with green. In these visions people seem to be doing nothing and going nowhere. Can we conjure forth a vision so attractive, cool and magnetic it just pulls us into that future?

Hey. We are human. We’ve been doing that for ages. We can do that. It’s just that lately, maybe, a story so drab, so heavy so dark got hold of us we forgot how to dream.

The late Win Wenger taught imagination classes, and specifically the technique he called imagestreaming. I got so enamored of the technique I used it to write articles and then a book “Inventing for the Sustainable Planet”.

Using imagestreaming you just go to a place that is already functioning the way you want. In my book, a journalist – about to be replaced by a robot – uses imagestreaming in a attempt to come up with new green technology.

The journalist asks to go to place that is functioning sustainably. He forgets to ask for a place with the current social order with new technology. Instead, he encounters a place – the city of Porena – where there is a new social order using more or less known technology. The book follows his travels around Porena trying to understand the social constellations that mean that technology is used to drive sustainability. You also get to learn imagestreaming with him as he battles with the techniques going further down the rabbit hole. Finally he asks how the transition started. You WILL want to read this to the end!

Learn more about the book here, and how to purchase online.


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