Why us?

Stephen Hinton Consulting, with selected partner organisations, offers a range of services to help:

  • Municipalities and communities transition to the biomass economy,
  • Policy makers apply market based instruments to bring about Environmental Fiscal Reform,
  • Management teams embrace the transition to the circular economy, renewable energy society.


The Biomass Circular Economy


Environmental Fiscal Reform


Corporate Social Responsibility

Because we are going through a major energy transition – from fossil fuel to renewables – and a societal one – from automation and big business to something we can only just discern on the horizon. I help leaders, together with management teams, to develop social and environmental strategies that help keep the place fit for humans whilst ensuring robust returns. I focus especially on organisations looking for strategic opportunities to give value  back to people and the living systems that surround them. (See how we work here.)

I assist with creating and implementing, often together with partners, programs with instruments of change. This work falls often times under the categories of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), other times Sustainable Development.

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