Opinion: the biggest business opportunity on the planet is Peace

Stephen Hinton 2016
Photo: Maj-Lis Koivisto

What the business of business is has long been debated. Put simply people might say businesses provide services that people need in a way that employs people and gives them wages so they can buy what they in turn need.

If that is the case, it isn’t working very well is it? Zero hours contacts, wages below minimum, and jobs outsourced all mean that people don’t have money in their pockets to buy the necessities. That depresses the market, reduces demand and that reduces business opportunities. And it looks as if people are stressed and depressed – even those with jobs and money. Could it be that business is actually missing what people actually want?

Businesses provide services that people need in a way that employs people and gives them wages so they can buy what they in turn need. Or so it is said.

In my opinion businesses are missing out. Big time.

A business opportunity arises where there is a need that is not being filled. Well, people need peace. And they are not getting it. It’s probably the biggest business opportunity on the face of this Earth.

Peace is the biggest business opportunity on the planet with some seven billion customers.

Of course, I hear you say, it’s not a business opportunity unless you can make money out of it. I say that canny entrepreneurs can always find a way to fill a need and make a buck.

Let me help you entrepreneurs and business strategists out there with some simple tips on how to go about filling that which is, in my humble opinion, the largest demand that has ever appeared in the global market. There are some seven billion customers waiting for you. Even if some already have peace they are open for more.

You don’t have to manufacture peace, just get the conditions right

Peace is hard to define, maybe. So let’s not do that. Suffice to say that when we feel it we recognize it, rather the way a big smile comes over our face when something happens to us we like. And peace comes from inside ourselves. It’s already there, comes built-in with the human DNA. So we need to find ways to create the conditions for peace. Off the top of my head, these will include: establishing a connection to nature, a connection to ourselves and each other, food and housing security.

You can start by imagining peace

All good businesses start with a vision: try envisioning seven billion people at peace and doing some backcasting. That will help you frame your business mission and then strategy and products.

Where is your current business strategy? Why are you not focussing on what people really want? Have you forgotten who you really are?

If your business activities are preventing or at least not helping people get food on the table and a roof over their heads you are doing something wrong.

Taking food off people’s tables with your business activities is CSI: Corporate Social Irresponsibility.

While you are doing your envisioning, take a look at your supply chain. Ensure that there is nothing in there that is increasing food insecurity for those living around the supply chain. And accelerating global warming by burning fossil fuels is something to avoid. Global warming is destroying agricultural productivity and taking food off people’s plates.

Because it’s about food it’s about the land we live on

Check along the supply chain to see where your business concept and operations can contribute to restoring the living planet: increasing tree cover, increasing soil fertility, redressing hydrology of an area.

It’s about sustainability

From sustainability comes food security comes peace, from peace comes prosperity.

A bit of education

There are Peace education and inspiration activities going on out there already. Your customers and suppliers and employees would probably welcome an opportunity to listen and reflect for themselves based on their situation.

Start from where you are

Let’s start with a dialogue. Let’s meet, envision, plan, reflect and strategize. Because then we need to put our hands in our pockets, and get ready to invest time and money. Invest in Peace. It’s time to make the vision come real.


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