Economics of Happiness: localisation

Economics_happinessLONDON 14th September.Stephen joined Helena Norberg-Hodge at the Initiatives of Change conference on the Economics of Happiness.Read the summary here

This full-day conference focuses on localisation as one of the keys to designing an economy that provides what humans need whilst caring  for the environment.

Localisation is a solution-multiplier that systemically reduces economic scale, creating benefits that ripple throughout society. In this daylong seminar, Helena Norberg-Hodge will share an alternative paradigm she calls the ‘economics of happiness’.  Her talk will highlight human-scale economies and the steps—at the community, national, and international levels—that can bring us there.

The standard conference fee is £20 with reduced concession rate of £15. Use this link to book your seat.

Download the invitation here.Economics_of_happiness_-_14.09.2016

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