Recent Assignments: the Swedish Circular Economy Delegation

Stephen Hinton Consulting recently completed the compilation of a database of Market Based Instruments that have been thought of, proposed or applied to stimulating the economy to circularity. The list is far from comprehensive but was put together as a first step for the Circular Economy Delegation to gain an initial insight into the opportunities for politicians and authorities to use these instruments to introduce full circularity into the Swedish Economy.

The formation of the Delegation comes along with the Government’s ambitious goals, set out in its post-election delegation, to develop the resource-effective, circular and bio-based economy.

Sverige ska utveckla den resurseffektiva, cirkulära och biobaserade ekonomin

– Sweden will develop the resource-effective, circular, bio-based economy

Regeringsförklaring 21 January 2019

The database, with Swedish and English entries, is available via the delegation’s web page.

The English version of the slides are below


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