Imagestreaming – use it to check your understanding

Beachhead is an imagestreaming technique (See more here if you are unfamiliar with imagestreaming) that was designed to help people solve problems. The main question to be formulated goes something like “take me to a place that has solved the XXX problem and now exhibits XXXX”.

Having experienced the solution, one variant of the technique is to ask about how they implemented it and to go back in time.

Sometimes, however, we find ourselves thinking over a solution we already have and would like to try and implement – a solution that we got via another creative method. We have probably thought through how we will introduce, implement and scale the solution. This could be anything from a major shift at work to putting in a greenhouse at home.

This is the ideal opportunity to stop up a second and do a check via imagestreaming. Beachhead the solution asking to be taken to a place that has implemented just your idea. Take your time to go around, ask questions and look into a multiple array of angles.

Try it – you might just find a few unexpected potholes to avoid and pick up some really good synergies you haven’t thought of.

Remember to be thorough with verification and note down all questions that come up.

Let me know in the comments section how you get on!


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