Universal Basic Income Game in beta release!

UBI means Universal Basic Income and guarantees people who are not in work a basic income level. About UBI people have a lot of different opinions – some say it frees up people and their entrepreneur spirit – others say it makes people lazy. How are we going to pay for it? is another objection.

We designed and built this downloadable single player/small group version so you could try out ideas around UBI for yourself.

And yes, this is the beta version and FREE! All we ask is your email address and we’ll send you 50% off the extended paying version as soon as we release it.

Quick facts:

Simulates introduction of Basic Income in the fictive country of Lilliput (population 10 million)

Running time: 60 to 180 minutes

Four roles:
– Employees
– Citizens
each could be better or worse off under UBI. That will be up to your decisions.

Requires excel, google sheets or similar.

12 rounds, each requiring six decisions per round.

Explore if it is possible for all to be better off, some or none with UBI!

NEW! Now available to play online with groups.
Learn more here


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