Join the System map webinar

Guests are very welcome to this week’s Pivot Project meeting on Zoom at 4pm BST, 1st July 2022 where I, Stephen Hinton, will present some outcomes of Pivot Projects work. One product of the #21 Sustainable Infrastructure work group was a high-level system map. This map, featured recently on my blog, drew an unprecedented high level of interest with readership increasing over 5000 percent!

Has pivot got some insights the world is dying to know? In this week’s all hands, Stephen will go through the system map bit by bit, explain some of the conclusions from the #21 group’s work and open up to discussion of the role of infrastructure (and concomitantly, investment) in pivot.
Read the post here

And see the main #21 report on Researchgate here.

Give us your email here to get the link. No charge!


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