Reading the trends: business is going social

Where is business going?  At least we can say reviewing the recent editions of Signals of Change Newsletter it seems that a new leadership is emerging. From the Copenhagen-based Water and Food Award’s simple observation that people need food security for the world to have peace and prosperity, to Michael Porter’s declaration that business and society have common shared values. To experts like Johan Rockström’s simple observation that nature is sending a bill, to a myriad of corporations redefining the core of their missions.

This leadership comes from courageous business leaders who all seem to share one thing in common: they have looked at the situation with their own eyes and have come to their own conclusions.

In fact, many of the leaders we have interviewed have said the same thing: when you have looked at the situation carefully enough, and matched it to the capability of your organization, you just know what needs to be done.

Businesses must adapt to fulfill real, human needs, these include creating a resilient, food secure society.

Business continuity is meeting sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility in new combinations,  as the planet becomes increasingly crowded and increasingly interconnected.

Stephen Hinton consulting is rising to the challenge, bringing together the Institute of Swedish Safety and Security and the Water and Food Award, as well as other key thought leaders to offer webinars  to give you a deeper understanding of the new trends.

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