Simulation of dividend-bearing pollutant fees launches in Berlin


posterTSSEFIn Berlin, the 5-6 March, The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation, represented by Stephen Hinton, will participate in the European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference with its simulation of how dividend-bearing pollutant fees can apply to phosphorus in the circular economy.

This popular event has attracted over 300 participants. The simulation will be accompanied by a detailed poster explaining how a modern approach to the economy, by introducing control engineering, can ensure that the economy performs to expectations.

Click on the image to download a .pdf version of the poster.

The simulation pitches two teams against each other comprising government and industry. A third team represents the general public.

The simulation takes the form of a business game where the aim is to phase out pollution and phase out reliance on non-renewable resources while maintaining a sound economy.

The game uses a highly simplified scenario based in a fictive land. The Foundation hopes players and spectators will gain insights into:

  • how price discovery will reveal the cost of pollution – the profit from externalisation
  • how to levy pollution surcharges on existing fees and taxes
  • dividend as a tool to drive sustainable consumption
  • the psychological impact of the wide range of factors surrounding interventions like fees that raise consumer prices
  • public reaction and politician popularity
  • pollution costs and their impact on profit

Read more about our simulations here.

Read more about dividend-bearing pollutant fees here.

Download the poster here. Poster_berlin2

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